A Miami restaurant with something for everyone.

CRAVE restaurant in Coral Gables was built out of a passion to create a dining experience unlike any other. The energy of the restaurant is all encompassing, from the buzz of the guests and staff to the warm, open design and fresh spin on American cuisine. Featuring Gluten Free Dining and a great Brunch, as well as the most unique private dining venues in Miami, CRAVE has something to offer everyone in your dining party.…

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A Miami restaurant with something for everyone.

CRAVE restaurant in Coral Gables was built out of a passion to create a dining experience unlike any other. The energy of the restaurant is all encompassing, from the buzz of the guests and staff to the warm, open design and fresh spin on American cuisine. Featuring Gluten Free Dining and a great Brunch, as well as the most unique private dining venues in Miami, CRAVE has something to offer everyone in your dining party.…

Which is the best espresso machine and grinder to get, to start learning how to make great coffee?

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks which is loved and cherished by people all across the globe. There are various types of coffee makers available in the market which have different features and provides delicious types of coffee. But no coffee maker can produce a great tasty cup of coffee if the beans put into it aren’t grinded properly, and hence we also need a coffee grinder which can ground the beans with uniformity and consistency without taking too much time and effort.

There are many types of grinders as well in the market available at different price ranges. But if you are a newbie learning to make coffee at home, then you cannot just buy any coffee maker or a grinder. You have to be very careful and selective in your approach to choose the best one for you. In order to help you out, we have chosen the best espresso machine and a grinder each to help you to learn to make coffee at your home.


Breville BES840XL the Infuser Espresso Machine

There are various different kinds and types of Espresso Machines that selecting one from those is difficult. There are various good machines, even at prices which ranges around $10,000 or even more. But these machines may be too complex for a complete beginner. So there arises a need to select a machine which is affordable in price and has simplicity in controls so that newbies can adjust. This model is the best if you need some kickass coffee maker for home use.

Breville’s Infuser stands out among the rest for being the best coffee maker for learners. The one thing which tilts the tide in the favor is that it’s the easiest to use. It had the best and most detailed documentation provided with it which makes it easier for the new learner to quickly learn the process of operating the machine. Besides this, it comes with a great and unique user-friendly design. It has ample labeling or every required place and also has some easy-to-read instructions. It comes with most of the accessories which a beginner would require to get started. This machine is everything what a beginner could ask for and is hence the best espresso machines 2017 for home use.


Rancilio Rocky

It is an undeniable fact that without a good espresso machine, you can’t get a little smacking cup of coffee which we all desire. For a great espresso setup, it is crucial to have a good coffee maker. But despite that, if you ask any coffee aficionado, he will definitely tell you that the grinder is as important as a coffee maker if not more. This is because imperfectly grinded coffee beans can never produce a good espresso. On the other hand, a fine and even ground on the coffee beans can elevate the standard of coffee produced by even a mediocre machine.

The Rocky by Rancilio was introduced back in 1989. It was a hit amongst the masses then, and has continued to evolve since then and become what it is today, i.e. one of the best grinders which is quite easy to operate and has a stylish and attractive design, much to the liking of the beginners. Just put the beans in, press the button and you will have perfectly grinded beans which you can put in best espresso machines for a great cup of coffee.

The Last Words

Coffee makers and grinders go hand in hand. One is incomplete without the other. You need both perfectly grinded beans and a great coffee maker so that you can have a good cup of coffee at your disposal. Although doing this can be a headache for a beginner, but by getting the machines mentioned above, even the beginners can make a great cup of coffee.


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Espresso Cups

Coffee was first drunk in Ethiopia, which adopted into the Arabian Peninsula as ‘Qah Wah’ and the Ottoman empire as what we know as ‘Turkish coffee’, across into the southern European Countries, to Italy where the espresso coffee was created. Espresso is a small but strong cup of coffee taken black, sometimes with sugar, which is used as a pick me up, as was originally intended by the Ethiopians. Espresso coffee is quite fashionable especially as the trend of coffee shops grows through different brands. There is an art form to espresso and espresso cups and even spoons. This is by no means a quick cup of coffee that can be produced with a few teaspoons of instant coffee powder.

There are special machines that produce this black, delectable liquid that has a slight froth on top as it combines with the air when the coffee comes out of the nozzle from the espresso machine. With this you need a special cup to drink from, an espresso coffee cup. There is a dazzling array of designs for espresso cups from the traditional white small cup and saucer to black with a white inside, red with a white inside or a range with autumn colors which a coffee shop owner can choose from. Furthermore, if you want there are Espresso cups with a more elaborate modern interpretations like multi colored patterns with spots and checks. Of course, there are special espresso spoons to match.  Let’s face it Espresso coffee cups have a European feeling to them reminiscence of holidays by the Mediterranean Sea.…

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March Partner: Twin Cities Film Fest

The mission of the Twin Cities Film Fest is to become the premiere film festival in the Midwest showcasing exceptional independent films. We promote industry talent, provide educational, networking and distribution opportunities that can expand careers and support thought provoking content.

The festival takes place annually with a 11 day red carpet extravaganza each fall at the Shops at West End in the Showplace ICON Theatres. With over 90 films, special events, nightly parties and daily educational opportunities, TCFF brings independent film to mainstream audiences. Our filmmakers come from all across the country to showcase their film art and to network with filmgoers. With premieres of Hollywood blockbusters and Oscar contenders such as The Imitation Game, Wild, Silver Linings Playbook, and August Osage County among others over the past several years, TCFF has quickly become the ‘IT’ place to be for Studio Films prior to their theatrical release!

TCFF deeply cares about our community as a whole and we program socially conscious film projects as well as partner with other Non Profits to help spread their word through the medium of film. We’ve highlighted Education, Bullying, Hunger, Poverty and Sex Trafficking over the last 5 years and look forward to putting a spotlight on other deserving causes that hit home in our community. Our audiences have grown at a 25% pace each year and the demographics are of that of a well established arts institution. The festival employs local artists and talent and has year around presence via our Insider Series, Member screenings, Actor Expo, Oscar Party and other special events.

Being a 501c3 Non Profit, Twin Cities Film Fest relies heavily on community support. We thrive on individual donations, grants and corporate contributions in the form of sponsorships. We empower you to reach out to us and find out more about our organization and we would be honored to have your support. We would love to have you join our family and thank you for your support of film arts.…

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Chopsticks for Bankers with Guest Blogger Jordy Douché

Mr. Douché recently emailed us and asked about posting as a guest blogger. Although his CV and headshot were impressive, as were the pictures of him with the Scores girls, Mr. Douché was informed that guest bloggers were not being sought at this time. In a most unexpected response, Mr. Douché threatened to castrate, and then kill, himself live on the net unless we accepted his post. The former Lehman Brothers analyst was desperate to begin again, so we accepted his post.

Hi.  I’m Jordan Jacob Douché, MBA, but my colleagues call me Jordy.  In your fan letters, you can too.

I love to eat sushi.  And when I eat sushi, I look damned fine doing it.  I’m going to teach you how to look your best while enjoying sushi.  I’ll start with the basics.

You probably won’t look as good as I do, but you’ll look better than you used to.  People will like you better and you’ll get more poontang.  Isn’t that why we really eat sushi anyway?

When I was at Harvard, I learned that success in life has very little to do with knowledge or skill.  It has to do with image.  That is why, if you want to be a true  sushi connoisseur, you’ve got to look outstanding.

Later, as an Investment Banker, I perfected the art of looking amazing in public.  Take a look at my picture to the right to get an idea of what you should be striving for.  That is the look of pure beaver bait that will not be going home alone.

But there is something dreadfully wrong with that picture.

Do you know what it is? (Hint: It’s not my $475 haircut from Jenaveve’s.)

Disposable Wooden Chopsticks

There is nothing prestigious about disposable wooden chopsticks.  They come wrapped in paper like a feminine product, and require splitting at the table.  It’s barbaric.  They are also cruel to Mother Earth.  Bamboo might be the most sustainable wood on the planet, but even one dead plant is too much for my conscience.  (Haha, not really, but that line gets me pussy in San Francisco.)  Wooden chopsticks also look low class and dangerous.  I pay $350 for my weekly manicure and I’m not risking splinters.  There can be no doubt, disposable wooden chopsticks are only appropriate for the proletariat.

That’s why I always carry my own reusable, high-density polycarbonate chopsticks.  Polycarbonate is a space age material that was probably developed by NASA, and I believe high-density means that these chopsticks are bulletproof.  That’s right, I can block bullets with my chopsticks.  This particular model comes in a stylish case that can also hold a bindle, and the whole thing slides nicely into your pocket with your Blackberry.  Dinner and blow, on the go.

Tripstixx are my chopsticks of choice.  When you brandish a pair of these babies, notice the new level of respect you receieve from the itamae.  Think about it – would you even consider shooting pool with a borrowed pool cue?  Or playing darts with the bar’s darts?  Then why are you eating with borrowed or throw-away utensils?  That’s not very Ivy League.

These bad ass chopsticks screw together so the case is very small.  I like to assemble them as I talk about my day for added dramatic effect.  The set also comes with additional tips they call “banquet” tips and the hollow ends of the sticks are very good for doing cocaine.

You will immediately look like a high wage earner when you whip out these prestigious sticks.  You might have looked damned sophisticated when you sat down in an $8000 bespoke suit, but with your own Tripstixx, you’ll be the Big Dick of the Board Room.  (One of my professional nicknames.  *wink* )  To clean them, just dip them in your water and wipe them with the tablecloth, or use the sleeve of the busboy or waiter.  They’ll be ready to go for next time.

Tripstixx are $14.95 for a single pair, but you can also order custom logo chopsticks with a minimum order of 200 units.  I put my phone number on them and hand them out to bitches.  I think sometimes it really overwhelms them.

Not only are these the perfect snatch bait, but Tripstixx can also be used for self defense.  The pointy tips can be used to protect yourself against panhandlers and other deviants.

Your chopsticks are your main fashion accessory when you’re eating sushi.  You should be seen with a pair that reflects your excellence.  You might not have what it takes to be an Investment Banker, but now you can look like one at the sushi bar. Get a pair of Tripstixx and watch your stock climb.

Look good, live large, and rage hard.

Jordy D., MBA, CPA, Six Sigma Black Belt, Sushi Snob
Harvard, Class of 1998

Note from JD:  I’ve got a lot more tips to help you look and act a thousand times better. Hopefully I’ll be invited back to Sushi Freak for another post.…

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Top 10 Reasons to Eat Sushi at the Economic Riots of 2009

Police in Britain are warning of a “Summer of Rage” as economic riots brew and ignite across the globe.  Authorities everywhere are arming to the teeth as the politicians rush to distribute what’s left of their nation’s wealth to the banksters who own their souls.  In the US, ARMs and 401ks are being traded in for pitchforks and torches.


This has many people around the world scratching their heads and wondering, ”What is the best food to bring to the Economic Riots of 2009?”  The answer may surprise you.

There is no better food for rioters than a messenger bag full of sushi.

The Top 10 Reasons to Eat Sushi at the Economic Riots of 2009.

10.  Homemade sushi is cheap.  A little rice and a sliver of meat is all you need for a complete meal. If you’re broke, hungry, and pissed off, sushi is as smart as it is delicious.

9.  Sushi is portable.  A fully balanced meal fits easily in the side pocket of your favorite cargo pants.  With a small backpack full, you can eat for days.

8.  Sushi is easy to share. Perfect for sit-ins, marches, and other acts of civil disobedience where teamwork is essential. Individually wrapped, but all from the same source, sushi makes a powerful statement as it nourishes.

7.  Sushi has protein.  Ordinary snack foods lack protein, but sushi has all you’ll need to keep your muscles fed so you can remain strong and rage throughout the summer.

6.  Sushi has carbohydrates.  The simple carbs in sushi rice provide a great energy boost for that mid-riot lull.

5.  Sushi is low calorie.  Try running for your life after a super sized value meal.  Sushi is nutrient dense while remaining low calorie – perfect for staying light on your feet without compromising strength.  Historically, sushi has even fueled an entire army in repeated battles with a 50,000 ton lizard.

4.  Sushi can be a nonviolent weapon.  Eat loads of sushi before going face to face with your oppressors.  Their pride will force them to absorb a cloud of vile sushi breath.

3.  Sushi may distract scent hounds.  If you’re alone, forget it.  But if you and the guy next to you both have an eighth of weed in your pockets, the sushi you’re carrying may mask the herb just enough to divert the dogs to him and allow you to make your getaway.

2.  Sushi is easy to throw.  Individually wrapped sushi is just the right size to maximize control and distance.  Unlike a bottle or a rock, sushi is not deadly, so you can commit misdemeanor rage when the issues feel less serious to you.

1.  Sushi is a great way to hook up at a riot.  A high percentage of rebellious girls love sushi, and most of them are extremely attractive.  If you’re sharing your meal and looking for love, sushi gives you the best chance with the feistiest chicks.…

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