Espresso Cups

Coffee was first drunk in Ethiopia, which adopted into the Arabian Peninsula as ‘Qah Wah’ and the Ottoman empire as what we know as ‘Turkish coffee’, across into the southern European Countries, to Italy where the espresso coffee was created. Espresso is a small but strong cup of coffee taken black, sometimes with sugar, which is used as a pick me up, as was originally intended by the Ethiopians. Espresso coffee is quite fashionable especially as the trend of coffee shops grows through different brands. There is an art form to espresso and espresso cups and even spoons. This is by no means a quick cup of coffee that can be produced with a few teaspoons of instant coffee powder.

There are special machines that produce this black, delectable liquid that has a slight froth on top as it combines with the air when the coffee comes out of the nozzle from the espresso machine. With this you need a special cup to drink from, an espresso coffee cup. There is a dazzling array of designs for espresso cups from the traditional white small cup and saucer to black with a white inside, red with a white inside or a range with autumn colors which a coffee shop owner can choose from. Furthermore, if you want there are Espresso cups with a more elaborate modern interpretations like multi colored patterns with spots and checks. Of course, there are special espresso spoons to match.  Let’s face it Espresso coffee cups have a European feeling to them reminiscence of holidays by the Mediterranean Sea.